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5 channel sound installation produced on site in zaragosa. 5 seperate channels of sound consisting of underwater recordings taken in water sources, river ebro, canal, fountains etc in Zaragosa. These sounds were piped back through pvc pipes which further filtered the sound.

Special Thanks to dennis mc nulty who helped me with technical aspects of installation. Also anna, aitor, george who helped with set up. and paco and christina who organised the zaragoza part of the siteations project.


"I made a number of recordings with an underwater microphone which subtly include many background sounds which are transmitted through the medium of water,i.e the hum of the city, traffic, movement, as well as the sound of the water itself. Most recordings were made close to manmade structures such as bridges, in canals, fountains and other places where man attempts to exert control over water".

Soundscapes, which are recordings of the immediate environment, have been described by sonic ecologist Hildegard Westerkamp as an “acoustic manifestation of place[1]” that is “an intimate reflection of-among others-the social, political, technological, and natural conditions of the area.[2]”soundscape: an environment created by sound either using field recordings or edited or manipulated sound.

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[2] Westerkamp