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installation description: This installation uses underwater recordings of the approach and retreat of ships along the South wall pier in Dublin port. The sounds have had minimal editing and no filters or effects.

A projection showing the oscillation of the changing waveform of the sound is projected in a porthole window in the gallery space. This oscillation was generated using a piece of scientific lab analysis hardware. The effect of the oscillation references both the surface of water and the passage of sound through this medium. The original sound recordings were created using a hydrophone an underwater microphone and an instrument used in oceanic research and whale listening.

This project was made with the generous assistance of Dr James Walsh and David Fleming of DIT physics Dept.

My interest in recording the sound beneath the waterline stems from a fascination with sea water as a vast physical medium of transport and transmission

Volume III was curated by Anne Kelly and was the third in a series of annual exhibtions that broadly reflected on developments in contemporary sound and audiovisual practices. Volume III at Temple Bar Gallery and Studios brought together "the work of artists who often work collaboratively to generate sound works from research and experimentation".